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Order procedure of a new logo, cartoon, or an illustration (further named as "art work"):

1. You tell us your wishes for your art work as detailed as possible via email.

Important are informations about company name, industry, and ideas, which are supposed to be element of the art work. If you have an idea about colors, fonts, or graphics that should be used, please tell us about them. You can as well send us a sketch/photo via email.
2. We process your information and send you a personal offer within 5 work days. If you should not have received an answer within 5 work days, please send again an email.
3. You decide whether you can agree with our offer or not, if you do, please affirm your request.
4. We send you an order confirmation, in which all terms of the order are listed.

With the order confirmation you get an outline (in case of a logo you get three outlines). We will then touch up the art work according to your wishes to your full liking. Generally there is not limitations to the touch ups. And when you are 100% satisfied, you will pay us. The delivery of outlines depends on the changes you wished and your response time.
5. We send you the invoice via mail with the value added tax listed. After we received the money, you will get the art work in the format (PSD, TIFF, GIF, JPG) we had agreed on send via email.
6. With the payment and receipt of the art work, you get the right of property to the art work. This means, you get all the rights to your new art work to use it, to copy it, and to publish it.

Please remember, as long as the payment has not been done, we hold all rights to the art work, like the copyright.

With an order you accept our Terms and Conditions.

 Order of the ready pictures:


If you have decided on a ready work (cartoon, illustration) from our picture continuance, send please an email to us.

Inform please of the image number, of preferential dimension of picture area, picture format and intended purpose of the work. You can find these informations under every picture.

Information about prices you can see here.

With an order you accept our Terms and Conditions.


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